🙂 My first entry.

I am a book lover. In my life I’ve read everything from Shakespeare to Ann Rice. Let’s say my tastes are varied. This website will attempt to post reviews of books I loved. You’re free, of course, not to share my opinions. I just hope this will make you feel like reading books.

Enjoy! Veronique

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4 Responses to

  1. TheXangaTeam says:

    Congratulations on your first post! The Xanga Community welcomes you. Good luck and happy weblogging!

  2. baerbaer says:

    Hi There,
    It looks like a good start, I love to read and have been trying to find sources for vintage fashion magazines. I just opened a xanga page today called Enid Collins Collector’s Page. Have you had any traffic results so far? Keep up the good work, baerbaer

  3. whacky3333 says:

    Hi! Just a surfing book lover. Nice site!

  4. Donald says:

    Brometheus was here too.

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