Have you ever dreamed that you could live the life of the rich and famous for one day, a week or even a month? That’s what happens to Alice Wynn when she accepts to trade places with her very famous boss, Sharlayne Kenyon, who wants to hide for a while to write her autobiography.

To make sure nobody gets too close to her double, Sharlayne even hires the services of drop-dead georgous Jed Kilby who doesn’t have a clue about movie stars even though he has seen some of Sharlayne’s pictures before.

However, not everything is as absolutely marvelous as Alice is thinking when someone starts threatening her if “she” writes her book. On the other end, passion erupts between her and Jed, who doesn’t know her real identity.

I have read this novel in less than 2 days. It’s an easy read, the kind that won’t make you wonder about the meaning of life. But it’s fun and I particularly like the theme of identity exchange. In this case, how a simple, apparently unglamorous woman is capable of transforming herself into a world-famous vamp. This gives the story rythm and interest. Jed is simply cute and professional (as her bodyguard) even though Sharlayne’s charm (actually Alice’s) makes his job tougher.

I recommend this book for its mindless fun and intrigue.

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