Ok, a friend of mine managed to give me an astrological reading earlier. She told me I was very much into communicating and sensuality, hence reviewing chickie romance novels. So, dear readers, you may think I should stop reviewing the above mentioned. Well, no! I will talk about at least one more in my pages. This is my website after all, he he!

PHANTOM LOVER by Rebecca York

In this (yes chickie!) lovely novel, Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick) takes us to a seemingly haunted mansion in California. Considering the gothic and spooky side of this story, I would have expected the story to take place in Scotland instead. So here we are with our main character Bree Brennan trying to figure out what this guy/ghost (?) Troy is all about. Bree is supposed to do some investigating on his situation while pretending teaching his daughter. And of course, you guessed, she loved him before and just falls for him again!

I actually liked the atmosphere of the novel with its creepy household and the ghost hunk. I turned each page thinking what the hell was going on () and finally in the last 3 chapters things were explained except when it came to the character of Troy. By the end of the book, I was still wondering if he really was dead and a ghost or if it was just some kind of illusion. Added to that the fact that he has some supernatural powers apparently acquired after his accident and you have a weird sensual relationship between him and Bree.

All in all, I liked this novel. It wasn’t too mainstreem and I found it a nice twist on the genre. I recommend to the chicks out there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Veronique.Did you get the impression that she will write a sequel with these characters?Your review intrigues me and I hope this book is in my local library. 😀

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