SIGNS OF THE TIMES – Unlocking the Symbolic Language of World Events – by Ray Grasse

I have started reading this book out of curiosity being interested in the subject of the Aquarian Age. I was pleasantly surprised by the reach insight the author provides in understanding the “new age” and its implications. Ray Grasse uses a lot symbols taken either from the real world (like giving an astrological profile of world figures) or fictional like movies.

Each chapter is filled with information explaining the difference between the current age and the next. Ray Grasse has done a wonderful job of taking historical events, movies, scientific facts, disasters, etc… in order to explain their symbolism and meaning in regards to their timing.

I was never very fascinated by astrology but I found myself hooked to this book and its relevance for our time. Therefore, I will highly recommend it and put it on my list of recent favorites.


sign of times


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