SINNER – The Wayfarer Redemption Book 4 – by Sara Douglass

I had anticipated a great sequel to the series but nothing that good. As we follow Axis and Azhure’s children into their own destiny, a new terror in the form of demons is preparing to invade united Tenscendor. Caelum, Axis’ son, is now ruler of Tenscendor as StarSon and is confronted to this uncle Zared (Axis’ mother’s son with Magaritz), a very popular ruler in his own right who tries to give some pride back to the human population of Tenscendor.

But Zared is nowhere the menace Starwolf’s late wife (Starlaughter) and her friends are and he has to make some hard decisions. In the meanwhile, his hated brother, Drago, is being accused of crimes after crimes and is only believed by his sister Zenith.

This once again is masterful work from Sara Douglass. She has once more succeeded at creating compelling and complex characters and given a fascinating story to follow. This is a highly recommended sequel. And please, Sara, give us the next one!


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© Copyright 2005 – All Rights Reserved – Reprinting by permission only.

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