WHAT WOULD JEFFERSON DO? – A Return to Democracy – By Thom Hartmann, author of The Last Hours of Anc

In this excellent book, Air America host Tom Hartmann goes deep into the roots of American democracy by tracing it all the way back to the Founders of this country and in particularly to Jefferson.

Thom proves that not only democracy is more than a system, it is a way of life deeply programmed in humans and he demonstrates it by noting Jefferson’s thoughts on the subject. He also goes around the world to explore so-called “primitive” cultures and brings back a natural state of democratic cultures in each of them whether they are Native American or others. He also talks about the First democracy known to historians: Athens.

The author then exposes all the myths associated with the Founding Fathers of this nation. He recalls the deep values held by these men and shows what they truly wanted to do (It’s not just the “rich white men” theory anymore) by historically revealing their sacrifices (and they sacrificed a lot!) to bring this country into existence. There is a whole chapter devoted to myths perpetrated over the decades and the realty is surprising. Thom also explains the current problems face by this country and how we got to that point. But he also provides solutions, common sense ones, which, if only applied by our governing elite, would make the United States a better country to live in… for everybody.

This is an absolutely wonderful and intelligent read. A credit to its author who is, himself, an intelligent man. Reading this book will not only surprise you but also infuriate you and teach you a lot as only this author can do. I loved it and I think it should be read by students.


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