This seemingly mainstream looking bestseller was actually a nice surprise and came up, I must admit, at the right time in my life. Kathy Freston takes a good look at our health and wellness and deconstructs a number of myths one at a time. She goes into details about the emotional side of our bad habits without being preachy or condescending and therefore brings a fresh look to the concept of the whole being (which she calls “quantum wellness”).

My big surprise in reading this book was her emphasis on the vegan lifestyle and its benefits. I am so glad that a “mainstream” self-help book finally addresses what I have known for a while. She does not hesitate to promote a body cleanse devoid of any animal products (which no other self-help book I know has done). And she not only recommends it but backs up the argument with solid information. Speaking of cleansing, I also love her description of how to decluter a living space. I got rid of a lot of stuff and definitely felt better in the process.

However, the core message of her book is about “living consciously”. This is a new and fresh concept for a wellness book. I haven’t seen that before. I involves being aware of the impact of how we live and how we eat at all levels: production (workers), the animals and the environment. When we eat “right” and do some good at the same time, we not only help the planet as a whole but it also lifts us physically and psychologically. I know, from personal experience, that if I eat fair-trade products, I made a difference in the life of local people, if I eat vegan (always), I spare animals needless suffering and death and if I eat organic, I spare more pollution to the Earth. It feels good to do the right thing and this is what Kathy Freston’s message really is.  Read her description of a typical “omnivorous” diet and her story of the chicken and you will feel all the more better for not taking part in this system. I know I do. This book is also a very useful tool to promote veganism and a great gift idea for non-vegans and vegans alike. It is not preachy or critical and nicely disguises itself into a regular wellness book which makes it palatable also to the hard core meat eaters.

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