As holiday parties have often been lonely for me, I had not thought of even going to a Vegan one until 2010. I was unable to attend the 2010 one but made sure I would go to the 2011 party which was celebrated at the incredible Rahel Vegan Ethopian Restaurant on Fairfax avenue in Los Angeles. Organized by the one and only Andy Mars who, as always, brings his wonderful organizing skills, enthusiasm and dedication to everything he works on for Vegans, this promised to be yet another sucessful event. I was not disappointed. For a modest fee, I was welcomed to a wonderful atmosphere, amazing buffet, great Ethopian traditional music and wonderful company. 

The highlight of the evening was Andy giving Rahel an award in the form of a plaque for being best All vegan Restaurant in Los Angeles. And it is so deserved. The food was simply amazing. I went for 2 plates in a row and was stuffed with good food! After that, I was glad to move to digest and joined some of the guests and the Ethopian dancers on the dance floor. 

The Vegan Foodies Meetup group rocks! When you have events of this caliber, you just can’t miss them. I look forward to the new year party 2012! For more pictures of this wonderful evening, follow this link: Vegan new Year party pics on Facebook.


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