Why Health and Self-Care Should Matter to Vegans

When I was in my early 20s, I decided to be vegetarian for spiritual reasons. At the time, I was a trim, healthy blonde living in Paris, France. I never imagined myself moving to the United States and I had no idea what my future had in store. Like most twenty something, health was a non issue. I could dance, walk, run or just be plain lazy. I smoke (in France, really?), drank a lot and I was also unconcerned and ignorant about the food on my plate and its link to the suffering to other animals or the consequences to me later on in life. Because I was struggling with depression and later a nervous breakdown, I was mostly an alcoholic from age 16 to about 25. I was not a pretty picture.

This article was published on the new World Peace Writers collective. Continue reading here: http://worldpeacewriters.org/2013/11/health-self-care-matter-vegans/

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