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The welfarist vs. abolitionist debate is a waste of time

“One of the statements that depresses me most is when vegans who were long-time vegetarians say, “I just didn’t know.” As animal liberationists, it is our duty to make sure people know. It is our duty to speak the truth, … Continue reading

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Do we need Klaatu to wake up humans?

Dialog from the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (the original): Secretary Haley: “Now that you understand the situation more clearly, perhaps you’d like to discuss it with the President.” Klaatu: “I will not speak with any one nation … Continue reading

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A Message to my Vegan/Animal Rights Sisters (and brothers)

I have to ask you: when did we become just pleasure dolls for men and forgot that our history, or should I say our HERstory is rich in great, intelligent and peace loving women who have been put to the … Continue reading

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Why giving up is not an option

I received a post from a fellow activist recently that this was going to be her last action with us and this really bothered me in the sense that she obviously expressed burn out but also despair in her comments. … Continue reading

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I have had this blog on my mind for quite some time. But I finally decided to write it because I see something that really bothers me just continuing. I always considered (particularly after reading The World Peace Diet) that … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I joined my first ever anti-bullfighting protest in the South of France (Rodhilan, near Nimes and Montpellier) and I had my first taste of what it is to get “lacrymogene” gas (aka tear gas) in the face (several times). … Continue reading

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The View from Within: Becoming a Witness

It is not an easy thing to look the truth in the eye even when already informed. That is what my last weekend of activism was about. I looked into the eyes of individual cows at a feedlot and saw … Continue reading

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Laurie David has produced the now two most famous Global Warming Documentaries “Too Hot Not To Handle” for HBO and the Oscar Winner “An Inconvenient Truth” with Al Gore. She is on the Board of the Natural Resources Defense Council and … Continue reading

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