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Farewell To Steak: Film Review

The fascinating 2013 documentary called “L’adieu à la viande” (Farewell to Meat) about the consumption of meat in Europe (from Franco/German channel Arte) not only approaches the issue of eating flesh from an environmental aspect but also from the idea … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I joined my first ever anti-bullfighting protest in the South of France (Rodhilan, near Nimes and Montpellier) and I had my first taste of what it is to get “lacrymogene” gas (aka tear gas) in the face (several times). … Continue reading

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Being Vegan in the Workplace

I just posted a new article on The Dodo. Hope you like it.   I have encountered a lot of vegans whose biggest difficulty with their new lifestyle is to make it compatible with their work place as, generally speaking, … Continue reading

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EATING ANIMALS By Jonathan Safran Foer

I picked up this book based on outstanding reviews in VegNews Magazine and other sources. I was in fact taken by the writing from the very first page. The author draws you into his life and conflict about eating animals … Continue reading

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