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Interview with V-Stream

For Spring 2012, the online magazine V-Stream from the team of Vegan Mainstream published an interview with me along other vegan professionals for their first issue.

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On human privilege and the difficulty of being the “voice of the voiceless”

Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw is one of the first researcher to have coined the term “Intersectionality” to describe how various discriminations are all connected with each other and not separate. Of course, she was mostly using the term to talk about … Continue reading

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The “angry vegan” routine is getting old

  Amazing what you can still find on social medias these days. You can see wonderful things happening in the vegan world with people who start vegan businesses, rescue animals, create sanctuaries, help others change. And then you see all … Continue reading

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Trump, Patriarchy and the Sexual Politics of Meat

Recently, as I was watching Democracy Now!, I listened to the released tape of Donald Trump making typical sexist remarks about women with Billy Bush (W and Jeb’s cousin) back in 2005. The revealed audio tape goes as this: UNIDENTIFIED: … Continue reading

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Riding the French Vegan Wave

  When I moved back to France two years ago this month, I did feel depressed for a while. I came from Los Angeles where you can find over 80 vegan/vegetarian restaurants and a vegan store, and moved to Nimes, … Continue reading

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A Vegan for Bernie: Reflections from a decade-long supporter

2016 is the year when either big change can happen or a huge opportunity will pass again. For the past few months, people have been discovering who Bernie Sanders is and he has generated a huge movement for change which … Continue reading

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Interview with Will Tuttle, author of the international best-seller “The World Peace Diet”

                    Note: This interview was translated in French and can be found here. VP: You are very well known internationally in the vegetarian and vegan communities and you received numerous awards. … Continue reading

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